We will continue to add dog health & safety articles that can help you keep your dog and puppy healthy and safe through out the year.

Noise Phobias

Tips for keeping your dog safe and out of harm on holidays that feature fireworks such as the 4th of July.

Heat Stroke

Dogs do not perspire very efficiently so we need to take precautions on hot days. This article covers prevention and emergency procedures to take if your dog is suffering from heat stroke.

Car Safety

Dogs love to ride in cars but letting them be loose and free might harm both you and your dog. This article covers how to travel safely with your dog.

Dog Travel Tips

If you are planning to take Rover on a Road Trip these dog health & safety articles are a must reading to help you prepare for your journey.

The Truth About Shock Collars

There have been a lot of misleading articles lately about the damage “Shock Collars” can do to your dog. Find out the real story and sort fact from fiction.

If you are having problems training your dog The Dog Squad has a Home Boundaries Program and No Boundaries Program that can help you. We are based in the East Bay, specifically Oakland, CA and work in both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.