Everyone loves a puppy but when you are faced with the 24 hour challenges they can throw at you, training your puppy can seem frustrating and daunting. Hopefully these Puppy Training Tips will help. The good news is that puppies mature and grow up quickly and that there are tried and true training methods that will make this period of puppy development enjoyable and memorable. The following articles on Puppy Training Tips can help you through this most important period of your dog’s life. The Dog Squad offers a variety of Dog Obedience and Puppy Training Packages for clients through the East Bay, Oakland, and Berkeley that can help your puppy become a well mannered dog.

Puppy Housebreaking

The first step in dog training is housebreaking. The process of house training your puppy to potty outside is not difficult if you follow a schedule and set-up an in-home structure that taps into your puppy’s natural instincts to not potty in its den. House training can happen quickly if you start right.

Crate Training

A dog crate is an essential puppy training tool. Read how crate training can help you potty train and how to help your puppy develop into a well mannered, happy and obedient dog for life. Crate training is a widely accepted training method and recommended by most veterinarians and dog professionals.

Puppy Biting/Mouthing

Puppy mouthing and biting can be one of the most frustrating aspects of raising and training a puppy. Learn what biting means to the puppy, why it is important for a puppy to develop bite inhibition and how to shape and inhibit aggressive puppy biting and mouthing.

Puppy training tipsSocialization

Puppy Socialization occurs between 3 and 12 weeks while the puppy is still with it’s litter mates and mother. This is the most influential 9 weeks of a puppy’s life. This crucial period lays the foundation for many adult dog behavior problems and patterns. To insure that a puppy develops into a healthy and normal dog we must go beyond the Puppy Socialization period and introduce the puppy to a variety of real world stimuli such as people, animals, noises, objects and new environments so they develop normally without fears, anxiety, phobias and aggression.

Puppy Manners and Obedience Training

It’s never too early to start teaching your puppy manners and basic obedience. Early puppy training will help your pup understand its proper place in your pack and in the world. A dog with good manners and obedience is a dog we can trust and one that we can take anywhere to enjoy.

Teaching a Puppy to Come

It’s never too early to start teaching your puppy to come to you when called. We recommend using a Flexi-Lead to start this training early.


If you are having problems training your puppy The Dog Squad has a Puppy Pre-School Program that can help you. We are based in the East Bay, specifically Oakland, CA and work in both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in the Bay Area.