Dog Training Tips

The ten training tips that are presented in this article are a composite of my own 20 years of dog training experience, many conversations I have had with other professional trainers across the country such as a dog Trainer in Baltimore and other articles written by colleagues of mine. 1. It is easier shape good … Continued

Desenitizing Your Dog to the Vacuum

Through a decade and a half of dog training I have dealt with many cases of dog reactivity to vacuum cleaners, appliances and power tools. The behavior ranges from running away and hiding, barking at the device or a full blown attack. I worked with one Bull Terrier that attacked his owner while she was … Continued

Training a Fearful Dog How to Walk on a Leash

When I did the evaluation of Nala from Hayward, CA the owners were at their wits end. They could not do anything with her because of her anxiety around cars, noise and distractions. They couldn’t walk her, take her to the park or even get her into the car without dragging her and lifting all … Continued

Having a Dog That You Can Take Anywhere

Having a dog that you can take anywhere with you is absolute pure joy. Recently my wife and I took Audrey to The Cypress Inn in Carmel, CA. This lovely hotel nestled in the quaint town of Carmel caters to dog lovers. They provide dog beds, bowls, treats and even have a Yappy Hour every … Continued

Training a Dog to Retrieve

I learned this following retrieve technique from Francis Metcalf of Friends of the Family Dog Training, Circus Class. The video is time compressed showing the four steps I used in teaching the retrieve to my Beagle, Audrey: Every dog will be different in how long it takes to achieve what is shown in the video. … Continued