What are the Benefits of In-Home Training? The Dog Squad East Bay Dog Training

What are the Benefits of In-Home Training? The Dog Squad Bay Area Dog Training

So while you’ve explored your local training options, you have probably come across a lot of programs that offer day-stay training, where you can drop your dog off and pick them up later. While this may be convenient for some schedules, we work a little differently at The Dog Squad. Here, our experienced trainer will work one on one with you to organize a training schedule that works for you, but we like to bring the experience to you. We guide you in training your dog in the safety of your own home. There are a few reasons why we like to do this as opposed to training your dog in our facilities.

  • The Dog Squad offers the best Bay area dog training programs. The dog will associate training with being home. When you make a connection between two thing, they become intrinsically linked in the dog’s mind. So if they learn that training facilities = training, they may not be as inclined to learn easily in other environments.
  • Natural stimuli of an environment they’re going to be in a lot. If you’re training your dog at home, they’ll be exposed to all the ins and outs of an environment they’re going to be exposed to a lot – other people, other dogs, babies, noises outside. They’ll learn to focus on what matters and ignore other stimuli.
  • Easier for you to train on your terms, just ask our colleague a dog trainer in Orange County. This way, there’s no commute to our training facilities, no supplies to worry about bringing, and no nervous dog to get back and forth in the car- we meet you at home, where your dog is comfortable and where you can use supplies from your every day life to enhance the training and make the experience more realistic for your dog.

So don’t worry – if you don’t have a lot of time for outside training away from the home, call one of our experts at 800.649.7297 for a consultation to find an in-home training schedule that fits your lifestyle.