There are not many dog & puppy behavior problems that we haven’t seen or dealt with at The Dog Squad. We have even worked with a dog that was extremely aggressive with car windshield wipers. He was so aggressive that he would fly out of the back seat of the car and attack the front windshield if the owner turned them on and he even got so worked up that he attacked his owner while she was driving, almost causing an accident. The dog would even run after cars when he saw the windshield wipers moving. Dog problems develop for a variety of known and mysterious reasons. It’s not absolutely necessary that we actually know the cause of the behavior because we can change the dog’s response to stimuli through training and desensitization methods.


For whatever reasons dogs can become aggressive and bite their owners, strangers, other dogs and animals. Understanding what causes dog & puppy behavior problems can help you prevent them and to change them when they happen. Training and prevention are the best methods for keeping you and your dog safe.


Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. Alarm barking, boredom, communication, aggression, fear and so on. Barking dogs are the cause of many neighborhood disputes and problems and is something the dog owner needs to understand and address appropriately. As there are many causes for dog barking there are also many training methods that can be effective.

Bark Control Program

Car Sickness

Most dogs love riding in the car and even go crazy with the mention of going bye-bye. However, some dogs for a variety of reasons start foaming, drooling, retching and vomiting as soon as they get into the car. Carsickness can be a frustrating problem to deal with but one that can be solved in most instances.

Chewing/Digging and Destructiveness

It is natural for a dog to want to chew with its powerful jaws. Dogs need and want to chew, tear, shred, gnaw and chomp on things. It is also natural for a dog to want to dig. There are methods other than strangling your dog to help you protect your house from dog destructiveness.

Dogs and Children

Introducing a baby or child to your dog can be tricky and must be done in a safe and controlled way. Dogs do not automatically accept babies or children as part of the pack. Dogs must be guided and taught how to properly behave when around children. Training should start even before a baby comes into the house.

Dogs and Cats

Introducing an adult dog to a home that already has a cat can be problematic if not done correctly. Problems can be prevented if proper steps are taken at the very beginning of the introduction process.

If you are having dog & puppy behavior problems The Dog Squad has a Home Boundaries Program and No Boundaries Program that can help you. We are based in the East Bay, specifically Oakland, CA and work in both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.