Dog and Puppy problems often stem from a lack of consistent dog training and proper owner leadership. Dog and Puppy training requires you to behave consistently, and to understand how a dog perceives the world.

The dog and puppy training tips and articles will cover a wide range of situations that you will encounter with your dog where proper training is important. The articles will include puppy potty training, mouthing and biting, dog socialization, chewing and digging, barking, dog aggression, and basic puppy and dog obedience training.

Dogs want to please…themselves…though they will do their best to please us if it is in their best interest. So dog training is the process of helping a dog to care about what pleases its owner. Once a dog understands what you want, so it gets what it wants, you are on the path of having a well behaved and obedient dog.

Please email Steve with your dog and puppy training questions or topics that you would like covered in future articles.

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