Having a Dog That You Can Take Anywhere

dog outside of the pet friendly Cypress Inn
Audrey outside of the Cypress Inn in Carmel

Having a dog that you can take anywhere with you is absolute pure joy. Recently my wife and I took Audrey to The Cypress Inn in Carmel, CA. This lovely hotel nestled in the quaint town of Carmel caters to dog lovers. They provide dog beds, bowls, treats and even have a Yappy Hour every day at 4 PM for dogs and their owners. The hotel is completely open to dogs and their owners. Owners can bring their dogs to Terry’s Bar and Grill, the lobby, and to the various patios throughout the property.

The Town of Carmel is also very dog friendly. Almost all the shops up and down Ocean Avenue allow you to bring your dog in with you. There are also over a dozen restaurants in town that welcome dogs. At the end of Ocean Avenue is Carmel Beach where dogs can run free along the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean.

trained dog sitting calmly in hotel lobby
A well-behaved Audrey in the hotel lobby

For many dog owners this is a dream that will never come true. Why, because many dog owners have dogs that do not have the skills and public manners that would allow them to have this kind of experience. I do recognize that there are dogs that could never do well in this kind of environment but for the vast majority the only thing holding them back is training and proper exposure.

Audrey is a good example of this. When we adopted her about 2 1/2 years ago there was no way she could come with us to Carmel or any other place without acting up and embarrassing us.

It took at least a year of consistent obedience training and boundary setting to establish a pattern of good manners and obedience. Today I can take Audrey anywhere such as off-leash trails, the beach, dog parks, pet friendly establishments and high traffic downtown areas without worrying about her behavior. This did not happen on its own. It took a lot of patience and work on a daily basis. Looking back I have forgotten about the struggles and challenges I had with her but today I am enjoying the fruit of this labor.

dog sitting on a bench at the beach
Audrey taking a break by the beach in Carmel

It was pure joy seeing her run free on the beach, exploring new places and enjoying all there was to see in Carmel by the Sea.

The best way to ensure that you can have the kind of experience we had with Audrey is to start early by exposing your puppy to new things and to start training early. If you have a rescue dog it might take longer but start the day you get the dog and don’t give up. Audrey is a great example of this.

It breaks my heart to know that so many dogs are home bound because someone hasn’t taken the time to train them or put in the effort to get them out into the world.

It’s never to late. Start today!

For a full Photo Album of Audrey’s vacation in Carmel click here.

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