Dog Squad Puppy Training Programs

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Puppy Pre-School (In-home) (Ideal for Puppies Age 8 wks. to 4 mos.)

Winston at dog training services in Fremont

This puppy training program is designed to help the client get started on the right foot with their puppy. Puppy Pre-school is designed to integrate the puppy into its new pack by setting up structure and rules that help the puppy understand where his/her place is in the pack, what is expected and to learn proper manners and appropriate behavior. Starting early helps the puppy develop good habits and basic obedience skills needed for being a good canine companion. This is a commitment based package, so we will work with you until your training goals are reached, and all issues have been resolved.

The following concepts/commands will be taught:

Basic Manners Basic Obedience
crate training leash training
housebreaking sit
bite inhibition/mouthing down
socialization recall (come)
basic grooming