Introduction to NoseWork (Open to the Public)

6 Week Introduction to NoseWork
Tuesday 6:30 PM, San Leandro, CA
dog obedience classes in nosework

This is a special 6 week introductory NoseWork Class open to the Public. NoseWork is a relatively new dog activity and sport that is gaining more and more popularity. It is based on search and rescue and tracking sports but geared to the general public and pet dogs rather than working dogs. Any dog can do this activity and it uses the dog’s most powerful sense, smell. You do not have to want to compete in this sport to enjoy it at home. It does not take a lot of equipment and can be enjoyed all year around. It helps build confidence in shy and fearful dogs and is both fun for the dog and the owner.

Though dogs should be behaved and controllable, they do not have to have perfect obedience skills to participate. If you have questions about your dog please email me.

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Price $225 for New Students and $195 for returning Students