Dog Behavior Problems Solved Through Bay Area Dog Training

The Dog Squad has worked successfully with some of the most difficult dog training and dog behavioral issues where the dog’s life or home was in issue. The Dog Squad works with all problems, all breeds, all ages, and all problems. The Dog Squad’s Bay Area Training Programs successfully helped clients solve aggression problems towards people and dogs, digging and chewing, barking, escaping, separation anxiety, cat chasing, jumping on people, puppy biting, housebreaking, leash pulling, running away, coprophagy (eating dog feces), paw licking and tail chasing and much more.

Don’t just take our word. See what Clients and Veterinarians from all over the Bay Area are saying about The Dog Squad’s Bay Area Dog Training Services. “I recommend The Dog Squad to anyone who needs a dog trainer or has a problem dog.” (Taria Sakisian, Oakland, CA)

What East Bay Veterinarians Say About The Dog Squad

Over 45 Bay Area Veterinarians regularly refer their clients to The Dog Squad for dog training and behavioral issues. Read what East Bay Vets have to say about The Dog Squad.

Happy East Bay Clients (click the blue link to read full review)

Willful Border Collie
Bay Area Dog Training with Freeman in Fremont
Lynne Freeman – Fremont
“Cody was on his way to becoming a problem dog.”
Pit Bull Kills Family Goat
Bay Area Dog Training with Babbitt in Oakland
Rhea Babbitt – Oakland
“Charcoal was on the verge of being put down.”
Puppy Malamute Biting
Bay Area Dog Training with Kowalski in Mission San Jose
Carol Kowalsky – Mission San Jose
“A three month old alpha monster.”
Bad Behaved Australian Shepherd
Bay Area Dog Training with Churchward in Oakland
Joan & Alec Churchward – Oakland
“We love the compliments we now get.”
Dog Chases Cat
Bay Area Dog Training with Sarkisian in Oakland
Taria Sarkisian – Oakland
“My Weimaraner tried to kill my cat.”
Walking the Dog
Domingo Pagano – San Leandro
“The Yellow Lab was too strong for its owner.”
Dogs Getting Along
Bay Area Dog Training with Ryden in Hayward
Melanie & Kent Ryden – Hayward
“A German Shepherd and Miniature Schnauzer at peace.”
Dogs Out of Control
Kerri & Wess Metcalf – Walnut Creek
“Friends and family can visit again!”
Beyond Treat Training
Bay Area Dog Training with June in Walnut Creek
June Kamerling – Richmond
“Training our dog with treats was not working.”
Snapping-Barking Pomeranian
Bay Area Dog Training with Conley in Hayward
Laurie Conley – Hayward
“Devil Pomeranian turns into an ‘Angel’.”
E-Collar Training
Bay Area Dog Training with e-collar
Dog Training That Works – East Bay
“All kinds of dogs benefit from remote collars.”
Stroke Survivor
Sunny Gustafson – Oakland
“Stroke patient needs help with out of control Golden Doodle.”

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