Hayward – Remote Dog Collar Training for Small Dogs
Marilen’s parents told her that they would not visit anymore unless Angel got trained. When we did the evaluation Angel went on a non-stop barking spree. She even attempted to attack Steve from behind as he was leaving. Angel was in need of a complete Doggie make-over.
Dog and Puppy Training - Hayward
Laurie and Marilen
When Marilen and I first brought Angel home, I described Angel as an eight pound rocket with springs. She was a little older than two. Angel was the result of what happens when people get a puppy and find the fantasy of pet ownership is far different than the reality of pet ownership.

Angel snapped at and chased all of our house guests. She barked incessantly. Angel hated dogs and children. Angel didn’t like going tinkle outside. Angel developed such a bond with me, that separation anxiety was also a problem. She shrieked so loudly in the car that you’d swear your ears might bleed. Life with Angel was no life at all and her behavior became so outrageous that I felt the best course of action was to put her down.

Our veterinary office referred us to The Dog Squad as a last resort. I was aghast at the idea of an electronic collar. Steve came to our house and demonstrated what an effective tool an “E” collar could be when used correctly. A leash correction used on a dog her size, 8 pounds, could pull her off her feet, lift her in the air and injure her.

Our friends, family and veterinarian say it best. She is a different dog. It’s been a lot of hard work, but Angel is such an amazing and enjoyable pet. Angel now enjoys house guests, is vastly improved socially and rides in the car. She even passed the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test.

Laurie Conley