Dog Training San Leandro Man Needed Help to Leash Train his Dog

Domingo called because his newly adopted Yellow Lab Doe was stronger than he could handle on a leash. Domingo could not walk Doe on a leash without being afraid of being pulled down to the street.

Dog Training San Leandro

Domingo Pagano

Dear Susan Hughes DVM, Chabot Veterinary Clinic:

I want to thank you for recommending The Dog Squad to train my dog, Doe. I was concerned that Doe was going to be difficult to train, but they were able to train Doe in a very efficient manner. They were very professional and were able to train Doe to sit and walk on a leash.

In fact, Steve came out on his own, at no charge to me, to train my dog walker to properly handle Doe. He knows how to handle dogs that exhibit behavioral issues. I recommend The Dog Squad to any dog owner who needs training.

Dog Training San Leanddro,
Domingo Pagano