Dog Training East Bay helps Weimaraner Learn to Live with Cats

Taria called us when Jimmy her 10 month old Weimaraner tried to kill her cat. Jimmy had just been adopted from Weimaraner rescue and was in immediate need of some serious obedience training.

Dog Training East Bay - Dog and Cat

Taria Sarkisian

Oakland, CA

Jimmy was 10 months old when I adopted him from Weimaraner Rescue. There was an immediate problem because I have a cat, and Jimmy really wanted the cat.

Early one morning, he attacked the cat, and if I was just a fraction of a second slower she would have been killed. I called my veterinarian and several dog trainers; all but Steve Bettcher said it was hopeless, that a cat aggression problem like we had was unfixable. They said that I would have to choose between my cat and my dog, or it would be just a matter of time before Jimmy killed my cat.

Steve Bettcher was the only trainer willing to try to help me. His in home training sessions and step by step lesson plans were easy to follow and immediately my home was a more comfortable place to live for the cat, me and Jimmy. Jimmy can be off leash in the house with the cat walking around and the cat is safe. Though I don’t know if I will ever be able to trust them together unsupervised, I can now trust him within the sound of my voice.

Even at the regional parks, where horses and loose dogs are common, I can down him from a distance away so he doesn’t cause any trouble. It is such a relief and a pleasure to have Jimmy now. I take him everywhere and am confident that he will behave and be under control in all circumstances.

I recommend Steve to anyone that needs a dog trainer, or has a problem dog.

Taria Sarkisian