Dog Training Walnut Creek – E-Collar Training Brings Friends Back

Kerri and Wes were at their breaking point with their two dogs Boomer and Riley. Whenever anyone came over, family, friends, and delivery people the house turned into total chaos with dogs barking, lunging and running at guests, the window, and the door.

Dogs Gone Wild

Kerri & Wess Metcalf

We just wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with the e-collars and the one-on-one training classes for Boomer and Riley. We were truly at our wits end after trying so many methods and classes – we have finally found success.

It is so nice to be able to have people over and know our dogs will not be obnoxious and jumping (Boomer) or aggressive (Riley). I actually look forward to entertaining now!

You know I was very skeptical in the beginning about the fact that as much as I wanted the “bad” behavior to go away I was worried the collars would change their personalities. You assured me it would not and you were right. I also was concerned that the collars would be painful but after testing them I know it is not and that in the end they are both happier dogs and we can enjoy being around them.

Thank you again Dog Squad. You have really made a huge change in our home life and please feel free to have anyone contact us regarding questions about the collars.

Dog Training Walnut Creek,
Kerri, Wes, Boomer and Riley Metcalf