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Puppy Pre-School: Loose Leash Walking

JoJo is a 16 week old puppy enrolled in The Dog Squad’s Puppy Pre-School Program. This video shows a puppy learning how to walk on a loose leash, how to come and a sit/stay using a flexi. The Dog Squad of Oakland, CA has a variety of Puppy and Adult Dog Obedience Programs.

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Title Length Size
Dog Squad Off Leash Walking Loose Leash Walking 2:59
Dog Squad E-Collar Training E-Collar Training 3:46
Official Therapy Dog Weimaraner is an Official Therapy Dog 0:40
Dog Training Class East Bay Dog Training Classes Saturday April 23, 2011 3:18
Teaching Dog to Come Teaching a Shiba Inu to Come 2:01
Dog Obedience, Downtown Walnut Creek, CA Dog Obedience, Downtown Walnut Creek, CA 3:58
Dog Training Practice Session Dog Training Practice Session 3:16
Dog training Sessions at Washington Manor Dog Training Practice Session,
Washington Manor Park, San Leandro, CA


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